Monday, April 24, 2006


President Bush breaks out the "massive deportations won't work" mantra. The problem with this argument is that it's a strawman. Nobody is suggesting massive deportations as the answer, though increased non-criminal deportations is part of the solution. To my mind, the key attribute of reducing our illegal population and discouraging future would-be illegals is to actually enforce the law at the borders and within the interior. Specifically, we should enforce the law against those who employ illegals. Turn off the job magnet and illegals will return home on their own or be discouraged from entering in the first place.

Bush also uses the "we need these workers" meme. No, we don't. The overall unemployment rate may be 4.5% but the unemployment among the unskilled is quite high (15% among high school drop outs). Further, many unskilled workers have left the work force entirely and aren't even counted in unemployment figures. There are millions and millions of workers ready to fill these positions at American--rather than illegal alien--wages.

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