Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Frist & Dobbs on Immigration

Frist seems to have caved in to the amnesty lobby. (Transcript)

Frist repeated the following key words and phrases throughout his appearance: Comprehensive. Compassion. "Out of the shadows." Fairness. Not amnesty (yeah right). Strong temporary (ha!) worker program.

Then there's the doublespeak. Frist says we must "first and foremost tighten up border security." First? Really? Well, why does Frist support a comprehensive plan? That doesn't sound like first to me. It sounds like the same sort amnesty doublecross we got in 1986.

Lou Dobbs was also on the program and had quite an exchange with King:

KING: Lou, everyone talks against amnesty, and I know we are a Judeo-Christian nation, so I don't mean this as a cheap shot, but doesn't both those faiths -- both those faiths preach forgiveness? Why don't we forgive?

DOBBS: You know, this is complicated enough, Larry, without taking it to theological...

KING: I'm just trying to hang you up a little.

DOBBS: Well, you're doing fine, but I am going to retreat from the -- I believe in the separation of church and state mightily.

KING: OK. No forgiveness.

DOBBS: No, you know, I -- in terms of forgiveness, whom do we forgive? Do we forgive the Republican and the Democratic Party who basically told the middle class in this country and working men and women and their families to go to hell? Do we forgive four administrations who permitted this problem to exist? Who do we forgive? Do we forgive Ted Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, because he failed to stand up in 1986 and instead gutted the enforcement provisions of the 1986 amnesty? Do we forgive the national news media for today reporting immigrant rights, immigrant demonstration, immigrant boycotts when what they're talking about is illegal immigration?

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