Monday, May 01, 2006

Spanish Anthem

It's been stangely satisfying watching Bush and Ted Kennedy squirm a bit about the Spanish version of the national anthem. Both exclaim that the anthem should be sung in English! Well, well, I'm glad they're with us on that, but what did they honestly think bilingual education and multiculturalism would lead to? The President campaigned in Spanish, conducts his weekly radio speech in Spanish as well as English, and has a Spanish version of the White House website. That's all OK, I guess. Yet Bush draws the line at the anthem! Well, that's some place to start. If people "ought to learn English" if they want to be American, why has the President made it easier for immigrants not to?

On a related note, Steven Sailer exposes the man behind the rewrite.

Well, it turns out Adam Kidron is not Hispanic at all. Indeed, he's from a very interesting family. He was born in England, where his father, Michael Kidron, was a famous Marxist theoretician and his uncle, the late "Tony Cliff," was the leader of the largest Trotskyite party in Britain, the Socialist Workers Party or SWP.

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