Monday, June 05, 2006


In defending the McKennedy amnesty proposal and McCain's refusal to campaign for a fellow Republican who opposes McCain's amnesty policy, Ruben Navarrette writes dismissively of the alternative (full article here):

"All they have is this quaint theory that if we crack down on employers, let local cops enforce immigration law, or put troops on the border -- all of which Bilbray supports -- illegal immigrants will find it so inhospitable here that they will simply self-deport.
It could happen -- as soon as hardened criminals self-arrest, self-convict and self-imprison [emphasis added]."

Great analogy, Ruben! Illegal immigrants are just like hardened criminals! Way to inspire sympathy! Later, he explains that it's not "anchor babies" that keep illegal immigrants in America but "anchor jobs" (right after he says that cracking down on employers won't solve the problem!):

"The assumption is that people risk their lives to have babies on U.S. soil so the infants are first in line at the welfare office. That's dumb. If you want to know what keeps illegal immigrants in this country, it's not anchor babies. It's "anchor jobs'' provided by U.S. employers, many of them Republicans [emphasis added]."

WAIT A MINUTE, Ruben! Denying illegals employment as a way of attriting the illegal population is a pipedream, but the only thing that's keeping them"anchored" are jobs? In addition to contradicting himself, I think Ruben misunderstands what an anchor baby is--it's hard to deport somebody who is providing for their US citizen child, both morally and legally. More importantly, that child, as a US citizen, can sponsor both parents for citizenship. That's why they're called anchor babies, Rube.

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