Friday, June 09, 2006

Gender Diversity & Marriage

The "diversity is our strength" crowd oddly never mentions the gender diversity of traditional marriage. A mother is just not the same as a father. Consequently, gay marriage cannot be the functional equivalent of traditional marriage. Men and women are *gasp* different, each possessing different strengths and different weaknesses. They're different as children, as young adults, and as parents. In many ways, a man and a woman complement one another, one's weakness is another's strength.

Most of us have had a friend who either lost a mother or a father. The fatherless boy wishes he could play catch or go fishing with his dad, the motherless daughter wishes she had a mother to help plan her wedding, take weekend shopping trips, or discuss relationship woes. A boy being raised by a single mother doesn't desire another mother. Having a really great uncle doesn't replace one's mother; and having a really great aunt doesn't replace one's father. But having a great, involved uncle can serve us a substitute for an absent or deceased father. The lesson: Gender matters, it matters a lot.

When one loses a parent, they're not just losing an additional caregiver, they are losing half of the whole that is marriage. Gay marriage gives us two halfs and no whole, two yings or two yangs but no yin and yang. It's incomplete and inferior.

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